What You Should Know Before Venturing Into Blogging

TIP: *** Make Sure You Know And Understand Your Niche And Your Target Audience!
Trust me you wont struggle too much hustling for traffic before getting good result.
Internet business / blogging is one interesting business you can do from the comfort of your home and be making money regardless of your school cert or being a professional in a certain field if you have the right tools, the right tutor and know your target audience, else you will get frustrated and end up with a conclusion “This thing is not working, its scam”.
Some people will decide to teach you blogging and setup a blog for you with a mare fee without telling you what is really involved and what you need to know. Though its hustling at least they need to get paid for the little insight they share with you, but you need to do your own research and learn on your own if you want to make it faster.
I was opportune to attend Makinde Azeez (Naijaloaded) first seminar in 2012. The training was not bad but what was really involved then was not revealed to us. Though i got an insight and some clues which boosted my courage to start something, I registered my first domain then naijatechportal.com which has been taken by someone else.
Through out the period of blogging on naijatechportal.com (Blogspot) there was no result, no earning and no adsense approval because i have no knowledge of what was really involved but just copy and pasting.
LESSON: What work for others may not work for you, so you need to be creative and come up with something new and unique.
One problem we have is copy copy, we like to copy someone else, we like to be like someone who has made it already. Its very easy to copy, it’s also easy to paste but if you do not paste it right and modernize it, it will not yield any result.
Until i discovered how it really works and what it takes to make money online. I have to double my hustle by doing some other things including Affiliate, Fiverr and Networking. These are business you can do without having a website or blog.
The day i found “The Web Book” was a blessed day. I started my PHP and WordPress journey from that book and it has been wonderful. I learnt the real blogging and what it takes including what is required. Since then, i have been blogging the right way using wordpress and designing websites for myself and for others.
I finally put up something on my personal domain name “Paulsamson.com.ng” and The Web Book happen to be my first post to share. If you are interested to have your own copy, check on my domain to get yours. Also, i will be sharing with you materials, tips and tools i have been using on my blog.
So make sure you sign up for my newsletter. Thanks for reading and i will be glad to hear from you via comment.
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    Nice one sir

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    One needs to double ones hustle, I enjoy the post

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    am a blogger and i want to become a member of coolnaira and if i may get the phone number.

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