Learn Website Design With “The Web Book”

So you have no programming experience and you wish to learn how to design a website? This is what you need “The Web Book”!

I finally found time to create the cover recently. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to create and design a website with html, css, php, java script and mysql,  I recommend this book. I learn from it, very informative and it contain everything you need to know about web development basically. If you find time to read through this 329 pages in this E-Book, trust me, you should have no problem creating a website for yourself and for others and make money.

NOTE: The content in this book are not stories or articles, i have personally used it and learn from it. This book is full of practical approach on almost all web nook including how to setup a blog. How to setup a database, Joomla, WordPress, SEO tips, promoting and profiting from your website or blog, accepting online payment managing and marketing your website. Many more including tools you can use to start creating, designing and making money.

My learning of PHP journey started from this book. Starting from introduction to PHP, programing my first PHP, sending email with PHP and passing information to PHP. Arrays, random numbers etc…  Once you have gone through this book, i can also guide you on steps to follow in order to get tools that you can work with.

I present to you “The Web Book” By: Robert Schifreen.

learn website design web book

I found this guide so much interesting among all web design books i have downloaded so far. So i wish to share it with you for you to learn from as well. Let me send you a copy, trust me you will find it interesting too. Click here to get your copy now.

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